Back in the Saddle

While there were many blog posts here from earlier in the summer, the site has been re-designed.  The former posts were gone.  Also, all of the social media sites are changing.  There will no longer be a Tumblr, Instagram or Myspace page.  The Facebook page will continue, although it will be moving over to a site in which you may only follow.  Through the months of promotional work as far as the up coming novel and the re-release of Arthur and the Trilogy, I have found that some of the fans I have encountered, have been quite inappropriate with the messages and photos they have sent me on the Facebook page.  Another word is disturbing.  Therefore, I decided to revamp everything.  While I will always be open to correspondence with fans, I must insist that they only contact me through the contact page on this website.  this will allow me to screen out, if you will, the not so appropriate messages in which I will of course, not reply to.  I have found though that most fans are very nice and respectful.  For those of you who are, and I am sure that you know who you are, Thank You!  I appreciate this more than you can understand.  While I have never possessed any interest in being ‘Famous’, I do understand that as more people discover my stories (and like reading them), that the famous thing is a possibility.  And while I do plan on keeping as much of my personal life private, for the sake of my family, I understand to need to want to know more about someone.  Again, I will continue to answer questions and am more than happy to talk about suggestions and such.  Thank you all for being a fan.  The truth is, I am nothing without fans.  I could write hundreds of novels but if I didn’t publish them, nobody would have a clue as to the validity of my work.  Thank you again for everything.  I look forward to a smooth transition over the next few weeks.  Take care everyone and Happy Holidays!

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