No Song for the Birds

Well, it is hunting season once again.  While the area where I live is supposed to be a hunting free zone, more and more people are not abiding by the law and hunting anyway.  When I was a child, I could go walking through the woods during this time but not now.  Yesterday, I awoke to gun shots.  In the early afternoon, I saw 2 young bucks running for their lives, through my Grandmothers property.  I actually said the words “They’re gonna die” and they did.   Last night, when I signed on to my private Facebook page, there they were, their dead bodies laying on the ground, tounges pulled out and the family photo with huge smiles, even on the small children.  I understand that there are some families who feel that the murder of innocent animals is not just necessary but a family tradition.  I also understand that these people have justified their actions so much so that they feel it is their duty, something they have to do whether they want to or not.

I am a vegetarian.  I do not believe in taking life because for me, all lives matter, no matter the species.  Of course, I have heard all of the excuses, of which most humans call reasons and I have heard all the arguments as well as watched the people either walk away from me when I tell them my theory or just look at me like I am the ignorant one.  The fact of the matter is that this is a very hard time of the year for me.  In my area, there is one mother deer with two babies and another with three.  Now, I do know that in reality, a female should only have one baby and when twins and triplets are being born, the population is exploding.  Thing is, I also know that for a deer that was born in the spring of 2016, their first winter is the hardest.  Having Mom there to teach them how to survive is more than crucial, it is necessary for their survival.  Now, there are babies out there who will either starve to death this winter or be torn apart by wolves or coyotes, simply because some idiot with blood lust just had to murder their mother.  Yes, I am a bit crass when it comes to how I describe hunters.  I know there are hunters out there who only take the deformed, the sick and the injured.  They are the hunters who actually serve the purpose of the deer hunting season.  Unfortunately, most are not like that.  They see a beautiful, majestic and strong animal and think ‘Im such a tough guy/girl, that I need to have that head on my wall’.  That makes me sick.  In fact, when I took the dogs out this morning, not even the birds were singing.  It was as if the death that happened yesterday and today, was simply too much for them the bear.

Of course, I do not wish any harm to come to anyone out there, hunting, but I also do not wish any harm to come to any of the animals either.  I guess it is a double-edged sword, hu’?  Anyway, I just wanted to express how my weekend has been going.  I also find it more than cathartic for me to talk about how I feel and get it out into the world.  While some may feel I am wrong, others may understand and feel the same way I do.  Either way, I only wish peace, love and happiness to everyone, no matter the species.  I will be on during the next week, of course to speak about the holiday and what it means to me.  As always, I wish you all well and hope that you enjoyed your weekend!  Take care!  I will talk to you all very soon!

Thought a little humor was needed after the post!


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