Today, I read yet another story about a beautiful young girl who committed suicide because of relentless bullying.  At the end of the article, I read about a new law in the state she lived, named after a young boy who committed suicide due to bullying.  This makes me very angry!

For those of you who are bullied, I have something to say to you.  I was bullied all through school, Elementary, Middle and Highschool.  It was horrible.  I had a very bad self-image.  I thought I was fat and ugly.  I thought that people hated me because I simply didn’t deserve love.  None of this was true.  When you are young, the hardest time of your life is when you are transforming from a child, into an adult.  You feel like an adult, you can think out problems in a logical manner yet you are changing and still must follow the rules of your house.  For some of you, you may be homeless or would rather be homeless than put up with what goes on inside your home.  I recently discovered that there are highschool kids in the small town I live in, that are homeless.  When I would young, I ended up getting into a lot of fights, being suspended and the vice principal actually transferred me to a different school for my senior year without my knowledge or my parents.  Of course, my family fought him and I stayed but the point that I am trying to make here is this:  Being different is a wonderful thing!  Embrace your individualism!  Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  There is Nothing Wrong with being different from the ‘IT’ crowd.  I’ll tell you a secret.  Those people who are popular, have perfect hair, perfect bodies and seem like they have it all, that is it for them!  Once they are out of school, whether they attend college or not, that’s it.  Their lives are as good as they will ever be, right now!  Those beautiful girls with perfect hair will end up with huge butts that fall, stretch marks and deep wrinkles.  The men who are jocks and you think they have it all, they do; but its temporary.  They will get fat, go bald and be stuck in life.  I have gone to High School reunions, trust me on this, you wont even recognize them in 20 years.

People who embrace being different change everything!  I like to look at artists, no matter what their art might be, not one artist out there is the same as another artist.  They are all different and they bring their own individualism to everything that they do.  If you read about what their lives were like when they were kids, most of them were harassed and bullied, just like me and just like you.  Every experience a person has in life, makes them who they are to become.  Adele has become a sensation.  She became famous but singing about her heart breaks.  And I just have to say, even though I am a woman, Adele is gorgeous!  She loves herself for who she is and is completely happy with her body.  And that’s another thing, most women have curves.  I have curves!  The models that you see in those magazines, they are either starving themselves or their bodies just have a super high metabolism.  Most woman do not look like them.  And, even though they are skinny, their photos are still re-touched!  This makes them skinnier than they really are!  In my opinion, they look like 12-year-old boys.  And guess what else?  A real man, he wants a woman with curves, a woman who eats and a woman who is comfortable with herself.

For you boys out there, it takes hard work to get 6 pack abs.  While there is nothing wrong with working out, remember that if you do not keep up with it, that muscle will turn into fat.  Those big, jock type guys who you think you should look like, will eventually have back issues, torn legiments and terrible pain as they get older.  And, from a woman’s point of view, I personally am not into the big muscle guys.  They just don’t look healthy or normal.

I am just one person and you are more than welcome to pass over this blog and think that I don’t have a clue.  In your opinion, I may not know what I’m talking about.  But I do know this!  You are important, you are special and if there are people out there who want to make you feel bad for being yourself, ignore them.  They are the ones who know true insecurities, self-doubt and who care about what everyone else thinks of them.  All that matters in life is what YOU think about yourself.  If you are a good person and treat others with respect, whether they deserve it or not, you can look at yourself in the mirror every day and know that you are a good person.  In the end, the happiness you have with yourself, is all that matters!  If you feel alone, talk to someone!  If you have nobody to trust, call an anonymous hotline but do something and talk!  You need to get it out!  As you get older, you will realize that my words are truthful and you will be glad that you came out above it all.  When you allow others to bring you down, you are giving them exactly what they want, you’re giving them power.  Take the power back!  Love yourself!  Be the beautiful soul that I know is just clawing to burst out from deep within!  You deserve to be happy and you deserve love!



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