Forever in Dreams Reboot

To begin today’s blog, I contacted Ms. JoAnne Colonna yesterday.  I e-mailed her to inquire about setting up a business meeting with her client regarding the novel, to discuss any and all issue’s her client may have with the book in order to ensure that all parties involved were happy with the outcome and to provide permission for publication.  Her reply was ‘No thank you’.  She replied within an hour, which I appreciated.  Yet, when I wrote back to inquire as to if publication permission was being considered, there was no reply.  I am still waiting… So, I have decided to change individual identifying pieces in the novel which will exclude any possible reference to her client.  This will not change to story as the reader will still be able to picture anyone whom they wish as one of the main characters in the novel.  All it will basically do is prevent a lawsuit in any and all shape or form, thus making it easier for me to publish and get into your hands.  Of course, notification will be made to AMC who has been more than open with working out any kinks in order to prevent any and all copy right infringement.  I do have to say that I am very disappointed as far as the contact that was made with Ms. Colonna concerning her client.  AMC was quick to reply over the phone and through correspondence with legal papers via snail mail.  They always treated me seriously and with respect.  I have not felt this with Ms. Colonna or her client.  All I have felt to be, was a torn in her side, as well as her clients.  Being the owner and operator of four business’, I do not appreciate being treated in such a manner and personally, I take great offense by the lack of actions.  To you, the reader, I must apologize that you will be unable to read the novel, ‘Forever in Dreams’, in a sliced up, dumbed down version of the character who I am renaming, ‘Colby Michael Redmond’.  For those of you who have followed this blog from the beginning, you know who the entertainer is but for those of you who have not, I cannot say who this character was originally based on.  I have gone through and made sure to delete any and all reference to Ms. Colonna’s client with the intention of protecting myself.  Please understand that this is a necessary evil that I had to commit.

Edit:  Within minutes of posting this blog, I received a response from someone in Ms. Colonna’s office.  coincidence?  Anyway, her client has no interest in the book or being part of it, therefore, permission will not be given.  I was instructed to consult my attorney concerning the ramifications of publishing a novel that may remotely sound even vaguely close to their client’s description.  Interesting!  Good thing I decided to change the entire novel to prevent them from suing me in any way, shape or form!  But, I did find it interesting that someone who claims to be for the fans and for helping people and a person who loves everything art, has zero interest in a piece of art, aka, a novel.  Sure, this may sound like a rant, but in reality, it is nowhere near such a thing.  If it is anything, it is disappointment in the fact that I took the high road, with the intention of doing the right thing and only the right thing and to see it blown out of the water and shrugged aside like a bad habit.  Just my opinion, doesn’t mean that I am right, only that I feel the way I feel.  Either way, Forever in Dreams is on its way to being a completely different novel with the same basis for the romantic thriller that it is and always will be!

With that being said, I have decided to once again take control of my destiny and future.  I will never allow anyone to bring me down and prevent me from providing you, the reader, with interesting and exciting stories!  I hope that you all enjoy the weekend and I will be in touch, very soon!


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