So, if you have been following this blog, you know that I am working on multiple books at the time.  In fact, I stated another one that is non-fiction.  Here is the thing, though.  I have been flooded with thoughts of Sid.  Therefore, I have found myself swimming in punk music, the Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious bio’s, documentaries and movies.  the flare that sparked my interest in him has been smoldering for nearly two years now and I find that it has all of a sudden, began to burn brightly.

While Sid has always been on my mind, I have somehow found a revitalization for writing his story.  This is not a biography that I am writing but his story.  I remember when I first saw the show 24 and my interest became ‘peaked’.  I remember feeling a connection to Sid, how, I can’t really explain.  But, as I began to immerse myself into the information, I felt as though I understood the real Sid, who of course, was John Simon Ritchie (Beverly).  I think that’s why I decided to call the book ‘Little Boy Lost’ because I felt as though he truly was lost.  He was a child, never allowed to actually grow up, into a man.  To grow into the person he could have become.

Yes, I’m working on this full-bore.  While I am keeping the lines of inspiration open for the other books I’m working on, as well as editing ‘Dreams’ for publication, my mind feels more focused now.  What I know will be a long and very possibly difficult journey, I feel prepared now.  It has been sad and at times, depressing but it is almost as if I feel Sid pushing me forward, wanting me to tell his story through his very own eyes; through his experiences and how he felt while experiencing them.

For those of you who have been waiting for so long, let me assure you that it is being compiled and hopefully, will be ready in 2017.  I was thinking of drawing the cover, black and white seems to fit perfectly.  I feel that it should be raw with soft edges, just like the image itself.  Hard on the outside and soft on the inside.  A soul, a spirit, a real person who hid inside of the outer layer of thick, hard, toughness and attitude.  The real boy inside what everyone saw.  John… and who he really was.



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