Sid & Nancy

I just finished researching for the book ‘Little Boy Lost’.  Throughout everything, I continued to ask myself, ‘Who really killed Nancy?’  I wanted to make sure that I had it right.  Ive been looking over notes from this research and tonight, I hit the jackpot!  I honestly cannot believe what I have discovered…  I know who killed Nancy… And I know why…  Through all of these years, I find it insane that nobody (especially the officers on the case) has found this information.

Of course, I have no intention of saying anything disparaging about the officers and detectives who were involved in the murder investigation of Nancy Spungen.  That would be cruel and it would be very unprofessional… But, I found this information tonight.  I almost want to scream it from a hill top!  I will not be doing that though because I really don’t want my neighbors to call the police on me…

What I can tell you all is that this book is going to finally leave the reader with the answers to many questions regarding Sid Vicious… This is because I also know who murdered him and why.  That is something I have known for a long time and now I have so much more to go along with the evidence I have collected over the years.  Just so you know, I may not be posting too many blogs in the next few months because I can feel this story beginning to erupt inside of my head… That means I will be writing non-stop.  And I am pretty sure that if everyone who was a part of his life allows it, I will have this book out by the end of this year.  At least, I know I will have it written and edited by the end of the year.

I hope you all have a great week!  Off writing I go!


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