C.G. Rucker lives in the upper Mid-West.  She resides in the small town of which she grew up.  Throughout her life, Rucker has remained an artist; she enjoys photography, videography, production, audio, painting, drawing and working with her hands.  She has always loved creating things, mainly art.

Rucker has been active within the animal rescue community since the 1990’s.  She has always been passionate about animals and therefore, does whatever she can to help out.  Currently, she donates time to the Shih-Tzu Rescue of Central Wisconsin.  If you are interested in helping, please click on the highlighted link to the rescue for more information.

Rucker has many pets, including cats, dogs and a parrot.  She enjoys the time she spends with them, as well as the time spent with her son.  Among other things, writing and reading is one of her favorite pass times.  She has been writing since a child and published her first novel in Feb. of 2016 through Amazon.

If you have questions or comments for Miss Rucker, please feel free to use the form located on the Contact page to do so.  C.G. Rucker loves speaking with fans and is always open to thoughts and ideas.  While it may take a little time, please be patient; she will respond to your message as soon as time allows.

Thank you for your interest in Author, C.G. Rucker.  Please, enjoy the site!





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