So, your looking to purchase one of C.G. Rucker’s novel’s?  Just scroll down as each book is listed with a brief descripton of the story line.  Once you have clicked on the story of your choice, you will be redirected to the Amazon page in which you will have the opportunity to purchase the novel.  Thank you for your interest and enjoy the stories!




‘Forever in Dreams’


An author meets a famous actor and they fall instantly in love; but her jealous husband poses a danger in this romantic thriller.  Rucker’s 2nd novel is now available!


‘Finding Camelot’

This is the first in the ‘Arthur’ Trilogy.  It begins with Vortigen, just after Rome had left Briton.  You will also discover Merlin as a child.  It is filled with facts and a bit of fantasy.

‘A King is Born’

The second in the ‘Arthur’ Trilogy.  You will watch a young Prince Arthur grow up and discover how it was that he realized he was meant to be the true King of Briton.

‘The Age of Albion’

‘Albion’ is the third and final book in the ‘Arthur’ Trilogy.  Experience life through King Arthur’s eyes as the reality of his life takes him on more than just a journey.



‘Arthur – The Story of a King’

The Complete Trilogy

This novel includes all three books from the Trilogy, blended together in a one novel.  If you prefer to read the entire story of King Arthur and his life, beginning long before he was even born, this is the novel for you.  From beginning to end, it is filled with fact and fantasy, such as dragons and the great Pegasus.  Wizards and the Druids.  If you like adventure, romance and a bit of mystery, you will love the complete Arthur Trilogy.


C.G. Rucker currently has many projects she is working on.  Stay tuned for more!